Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Accountability Doesn't Just Apply to Politicians, Religious Freaks and Recovering Addicts

Do you ever find you get into a pattern? A way of going about your day-to-day routines or interacting with the signifigant people in your life, a patterned way of existing? What does this pattern look like for you? Does it line up with the way you've envisioned your life, describe your morals or values and reflect the way you describe your daily living to others.

When we think of accountability there is a certain "stereotype" that comes to mind. Accountability is for people who are religious, people who need to loose weight, quit drinking or smoking, people who need help to stay focused, people who are not driven or independent enough. But I'd like you to look at accountability it a completely different light then you may have before: accountability in our daily living.

Lately I've been thinking, how do I walk the walk and talk the talk? I profess to be a certain person, to hold certain qualities and characteristics about myself in high esteem, but when it's just me and my family, my co-workers, my signifigant other, my close friends; when the curtains are closed and there's no one to make a first impression on, do these things still ring true?

I think it's easy to become tainted in our views of ourselves. We know our internal motives, our thought processes and our own deepest darkest secrets, and it's easy to see ourselves in the light we choose because we can go through out mental "bank" of memories or examples to back up whatever we desire to portray. But what do others see? Now I know, a lot of people reading this are thinking "it shouldn't matter what others think as long as you remain true to yourself", but I'd like to counter that statement. As humans, we desire to see ourselves in the best light possible and to be hyper aware of our positive qualities and not so aware of our negative ones and avoid criticism or the not-so-attractive part of ourselves, sometimes we need an outside opinion as somewhat of a mirror for our actions and personality. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you that you should attached a "comments and criticisms" box to your back and carry it around where ever you go - it is the people that are closest to you whose opinions should matter in this area, and this is where I would like to propose a challange.

Ask the person who you are closest to in your life, whether it be your husband, mom, dad, best friend, boyfriend, or sister, ask them if the things that you profess to be your values and morals, are they evident in your daily walk of life? Ask them to be honest, and to keep you accountable to talking the talk and walking the walk. Maybe you're already right in line, or maybe you need a little nudge from a loved one to get you back on course.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here's to 22!

The past weekend was one of fun-filled celebrations and amazing memories to last a lifetime! I celebrated my 22nd birthday on Friday, February 4th, and Tom celebrated his 28th birthday on Monday, February 7th; so we packed all the birthday fesitvities into one weekend!

Friday started with a wonderful morning delivery of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (my favorite) from my wonderful friend and collegue Miranda! They were so delicious, honestly, I could not stop eating them and I didn't care! Later that morning I got the most amazing flower delivery of gorgeous gerber daisies from my wonderful and amazing boyfriend! Not only was I impressed at his rememberance of my favorite flower, but just the thoughtfulness of the action was enough to make me gush with love and appreciation for him.

For lunch, the gorgeous and lovely Miranda took me Joey Tomatoes for a nice lunch date! One of my favorite restaurants with such an amazing, gorgeous and kind friend, really it doesn't get much better then that! Or, so I thought! I came back from lunch to find that my other collegues had picked me up a delicious vanilla cupcake from Crave! Omg, so sugary sweet and delicious. However at this point I had enjoyed more cookies then I could count, a glass of wine with lunch, and the cupcake threw me over the edge into a massive sugar high that lasted till about 4:30pm and then a massive crash in which I felt as though I was going to throw up my insides. In all honesty, although I won't be doing that again any time soon, it was so worth it!

Friday evening (after nursing my aching tummy back to a state of comfort) Tom and I went to see "The Roomate", the new psychological thriller with Leighton Meester. I thought Leighton did a great job playing a schizophrenic character as we're used to seeing her in mostly goody two shoes roles, however the overall plot of the movie was rather predictable and dry, not scary in the least. A good night out though and the first time Tom and I had ever gone to the movies together.

Saturday began with an amazing brunch at Diner Delux in which after not eating since my sugar overload, I indulged in the delicious eggs benedict. This was followed by a trip to the farmers market for an afternoon of perusing and grocery shopping. We got some great deals and decided we should make trips to the farmers market on a weekly, or at least bi-weekly basis, if we can bare our poppyseed roll temptation, it should be a fulfilling and healthy sunday routine.

Saturday night however, was the apex of the indulgence of this birthday celebration! All dolled up in my saphire Calvin Klein min dress and Manolo Blahnik "Something Blue's" Tom took me to the most amazing Italian restaurant in the whole city, "Il Sogno" which when translated means "The Dream", and a dream it was! Four courses, champagne, a delightful dessert, the music, the service, the atmosphere, everything was beyond perfect in everyway. Never have I tasted better rissotto, calamari or artic char in my whole life. It was a two and a half hour affair to remember and an amazing memory for both of us with toasts to many more birthdays to share and celebrate together.

Sunday was all about pampering and relaxation with pedicures at Evelyn Charles and then family dinner at my parents house. I haven't had a pedicure in almost two years so needless to say I felt like I was in heaven, pampered beyond belief and the luckiest girl in the world. Dinner with my family was delicious (as is everything my mom makes) and we had fun letting Keirah help us open our gifts and playing games.

The overall celebration ended with Tom's birthday for which I sent him an edible arrangement basket, which he loved and gobbled up, and then we had a nice dinner for which I made him his favorite soup which is apparently, and I quote "orgasmic".

So what's ahead for me in my 22nd year? It's hard to say. A lot is going on in my world right now, a university course here and there, getting to the gym as often as I can, working in a great job in which I really enjoy coming to work everyday and truly feel at home here. Friends, wine, new beginnings and letting go of people and feelings that don't contribute in a possitive way to my life. I think there will be a lot of change in my world in my 22nd year, but I'm excited for it. Change used to terrify me and now I'm ready to accept it with open arms, waiting expectantly for any and every thing it may bring.